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Formula For Riches™
This is the formula that could change your life ... a formula they don’t teach you in school.
 It’s very simple – all great truths are. If you make it a part of your everyday life it can bring you the great wealth, health, happiness and success you dream of – but thought was out of reach.  By applying the Formula for Riches™ you can become a Wealth Creator – a normal, average person with no special talents or exceptional qualities required, no degrees or diplomas of any kind ... all you need to know is how to apply the formula to create, preserve and enjoy great wealth in all seven areas of your life.
It’s scientific - it’s been proven in every economic cycle, by thousands of people all over the world. It helps you create wealth in all areas of life, not just money – because while money is very important, money alone is not true wealth.
Here is the Formula with the power to change your life:
 Looks complicated! How on earth is a normal average person supposed to understand it?
Actually it is really easy!
$ is your intent, your goal, the outcome you wish for. It could be to make a million, to improve your marriage, to develop a closer relationship with God, to get fit, to stop smoking, or lose weight. Anything you truly want for yourself or care about.
= is your belief system. Your belief system or mindset is the bridge between what can be and what you will actually achieve in your life. You want to close this gap – turn potential into reality - and so you have to believe that it is possible for you to achieve.
The reason why most people do not belief something is possible or they cannot do certain things is because of resistors that are vested in the belief system.
You should stay focus on the rest of the formula in order to successfully get the intended results. So let’s look on what you should focus on in order to make the HOW a reality.
Focus on only what is necessary to achieve your intent.
Anything that is not related to your intent in the different areas of your life must go. You must also learn to focus on getting the desired result and not on doing the job or going through the motions. The only way to make sure you focus on the result is to make sure you really understand and formulate your intent (Goals)
The intent therefore must be well defined and  at all times be a 10/10 in terms of desirability. You must really want it, otherwise you are not going to get it. (During the Kaizen Wealth Transformational process I teach people this process). Unless you have a burning desire (intent) you will not make it a reality if you do not focus on a conscious basis to get the desired outcome.
What must you focus on doing in order to make your intent a reality?

1.    Focus on Creating and managing your SURPLUS

S -your surplus. You can either create a surplus and/or if you have a surplus you must let it work for you in order to become a Wealth Creator.
You must have a surplus to create wealth but you may be surprised to hear that it does not have to be money! Your surplus can be anything that you have an excess of. It can be time, money, energy, creativity or enthusiasm. It can be a bit of unused land. It can be a hobby or a passion that you could put to use in ways you haven’t thought of until now.
Surplus = TEM$ = Unit of energy = Time – Effort – Mindsets (Mental) $ = Currency
Currency does not always equal money. You can have a skill-set (like writing) that someone else will pay money for. To you this skill-set is the equivalent to $ (Money) because you can exchange it for currency.
Wealth Creators are modern day alchemists. They have the ability to convert one form of energy into another form. They can take intangible ideas or skills and convert it into international currencies, or tangible objects like houses, cars, money, vacations and businesses – almost in the blink of an eye.
2.    Focus on taking ACTION
*means taking action. Unless you do something nothing is going to happen.
Herein lay the key to success. It is not just doing anything but doing the RIGHT things necessary to get the desired (intended) results. To become successful in all seven areas of life is a science because if you do certain things in a certain way you are going to get a certain outcome.
This then implies another universal truth. It is not WHAT you do in life that is going to determine your success, wealth, health and happiness in whatever are in life you pursue it in, but HOW you do it.
By following the Formula For Riches™ you are following the process to convert yourself from average into being extraordinary – but unless you take action nothing is going to happen.
3.    Focus on LEVERAGE.
Wealth creators knows (learned) how to leverage their SURPLUS TEM$ (time, effort, mindsets and money) by minimising risk and optimising the growth or increase or improvement in all seven areas of life.
The greater the ability to leverage the more effective and impressive the results become.
A Focus on minimising the RISK (Ri).
Wealth Creators knows that failure lurks in the risk, they are NOT risk takers. They know by simply becoming aware and identifying the different risks that are associated with leveraging their surplus they are in fact become more informed to make better choices.
Unless they UNDERSTAND they do not do anything because they know that the only true risk is being ignorant.
They understand that all risks are associated with the possibility to destroy or lose their SURPLUS TEM$ (time, effort, mindsets or money).
They have different systems in place to make sure that constantly focus on minimising and eliminating the different risks associated in the seven areas of life.
B. Focus on optimising the GROWTH (G).
To Grow – improve - becoming better – expand - is one of the primary needs we as humans need to satisfy if we want to have a fulfilling life. Unless you have a fulfilling life you cannot have well being-ness (or wealth).
Wealth Creators focus on growing their SURPLUS - TEM$ - in all areas of life. They know the quickest and best way to get the maximum growth is first to minimise or eliminate all risks associated with growth
You may have heard the saying “the greater the risk the greater the reward” but in fact as this formula shows and as has been proven many times over, that’s nothing but a dangerous and misleading wealth creation myth .
4.    Focus on optimising taking full RESPONSIBILITY (Re)
Re stands for responsibility.
If you take full responsibility for your investment or business you will get far better results than if you don’t. In many cases it is the difference between success and failure. Yet we are accustomed to thinking we should hand our financial future over to someone better qualified that we are. This is another misleading wealth creation myth - that you are not qualified to take care of your own future and should leave it to the ‘experts’. Self-education – a crucial aspect of wealth creation – will show you how valuable it can be to jettison the myths … and achieve your dreams!
What is your greatest RESPONSIBILITY (Re)?
To develop the skills and techniques that will IMPROVE your leverage (effectively).
5.    Focus on effectiveness (nm)
See what works and what does not. To be effective means you are working on ways to improve or accelerate yourself in all seven areas of life. Find systems and processes to optimise the time (n) - the amount of your own personal time that you are prepared to put into achieving your goal. The more ‘clever time’ you put in, the better your results will be.
AND and effort (m) to get the same or better results in all seven areas of wealth (life).
If you can get the same results in half the time it means you can do twice as much or you have created surplus time (that you can utilise somewhere else). 
The Function of ZERO
Another major function of focus is to make sure you address all the elements of the formula daily.
This is because you cannot break one rule. The entire thing depends on each aspect receiving proper care and attention. So breaking the Formula For Riches results when any element is ignored, forgotten, allowed to slide, or reversed.  If your risk is 10 cents you should still try and reduce it, realizing of course that it is impossible to have zero risk – but that the closer you get, the greater your growth and the closer you follow the formula, therefore the greater your chance of success.
All these components must be there – the goal, the right mindset, risk minimized or eliminated, growth maximized, time, effort and responsibility.
And that is the end of this analysis of the Formula for Riches – the elements and the application of them.
If the formula is worth so much why am I sharing it with the world?
If it’s so simple ... and if I am giving it to you here ... you may ask why isn’t everyone in the world wealthy by now? And why would I share it with the world in the first place? Where’s the catch?
The catch is simply the barriers in our own minds. The mindset that we have been taught, that tells us making money is hard, or only possible for the lucky, the well-connected, or the already wealthy.
This is a myth that keeps millions poor. It can be overcome through educating yourself independently of the drawbacks ofconventional education; and with the support of some simple techniques and mental exercises.
You don’t need a degree. All you need is the willingness to educate yourself in ways that you won’t find in the system.